A guide to Goatee Styles and Ideas

goatee styles

When it comes to growing a goatee it is important to think about the look that you want as well as what you are going for. There are many options that are out there that will let you look great. When it comes to looking like a rock and roller or a sex god, there is no better way to achieve that goal than to mimic the god Pan. When you look back at mythology you will see that all of the sexy guys, whether they were historians or they were artists or movie stars have rocked a goatee. What it means to a woman is the ability to have kids because of the facial hair and that in and of itself is very sexy to women. So let’s look at all of the styles that Satan took from Pan and see how you can invoke your own inner sex god.



What You Will Need

  1. Some fuzz
  2. A little facial hair
  3. Gel to shave
  4. Clean water
  5. Aftershave
  6. A beard trimmer

You Will Gain:

  1. Confidence
  2. Sex Appeal
  3. Huge Amounts of Masculinity

Before you start trying to sculpt your destiny in your beard you will want to allow your stubble to grow for at least 3-4 days. After this you will want to get a beard so that you can trim down the beard to the line of the goatee that you want. Next you can just shave around this line with a razor, and women think that the goatee is very sexy with a bit of stubble. To ensure that you are attracting all of the ladies make sure you use a bit of aftershave and you will be ready for a night out.

You want to make sure that you trim your goatee at least once a week as well. There are many kinds of styles out there for your goatee and you want to look at all of them and find the best that will allow you to show your personal style.

A Guide to Goatee Styles

  1. There is always the classic goatee which is very straightforward it is found with just a little beard and looks amazing. This is the easiest and the most easy to wear. This one is popular amongst musicians, potheads, and nerds.
  2. The next style is the full goatee, which is almost not a goatee at all. If you want to have a look of classic cool with this, shave your head as well. This look is rocked by: meth addicts, robbers, men in their 40’s and salesmen.
  3. There is next a disconnected goatee which is called the Balbo. This became the rage in WW2 by the Italian Air Force Italo Balbo. It is very sophisticated as are all things Italian. This is worn by Italian fashion icons and Robert Downey Jr.
  4. Another classification of goatee that you should know is the Van Dyke. This was named after the 17th century painter. This style was revived in the states in the 19th This was very popular with artists as well as generals in the civil war.
  5. Chin Strap Goatee, this is one of the most ridiculous goatees and is one you should avoid if you do not want to look like a moron. This is seen being rocked mostly by guys who think they are cool or people who have no jaws.
  6. The Soul Patch, this is one that is for men who do not want to be taken seriously anywhere. It means that you have a tiny bit of hair below your chin and looks as though you forgot to shave altogether. This one is popular with minimalist as well as with musicians.

When you are wanting to grow a goatee you can do it when you are ready, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be patient and you also need to make sure that you are ready to have access to the best possible goatee that you learn to be patient. You want to choose the style that is going to represent you and will ensure that you look great and that you are really aligned with all of the needs that you may have.

Your goatee is very sexy to women and it needs to define who you are as well as the style that you want to portray, for these reasons you should look at all of the stars and decide what you think looks great so that you will be ready to know that you have the best options. You will want to look at your favorite male celebrities and see if there is something that inspires you and you want to mimic, this will mean that you will instantly love the look.

When you think back to the men that you know who have facial hair, who is there that you are looking at? Who do you wish that you could mimic at any turn? You will be able to see this right away from looking at these celebs and make a decision about the look you want to copy. You will see that there are many options out there and what you have to do is make sure that you find the one that is perfect for you. When you have these options and choices you will see that there are many new things that you can do which will be perfect for all your needs and desires. There is nothing that is better than looking like a dapper gentleman with your new sign of manhood, get ready to enjoy the looks and the attention that you will get from the ladies and you will be able to enjoy your new look. The attention and the reaction of the opposite sex will make sure that you are able to feel really good and have a whole other level of confidence.

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