Does Rogaine Work?

When it comes to balding, this is a problem that faces most people over the age of 25. There are many thoughts that this is just a male problem, however, that is simply not the case as it is as much a female problem as a male problem. The problem comes from too much stress and the body also losing many of its hormones, these results in the thinning of hair for men and women. As more and more women have been diagnosed with thinning hair, it is now being seen as a beauty issue that needs to be fixed as much as it is an issue with hair loss. It is now being seen as an issue that equates directly with self-esteem and that means that treating it is exactly what people want to do.

What is Rogaine?

This is a medication that is used to promote hair growth in some people as well as regrow hair in others. The medication is available over the counter and allows for the user to get it in any location. This medication can be used and also can help promote all of the hair growth, it works well for around 40% of men and about 45% of women, and they will see hair regrowth in about 3-6 months. This means that you will be able to use it to continue to support the hair follicles as well as you will be able to use it for many other reasons. In women and men the concentration is different; you will usually see it at about 5% of concentration for men and about 2% concentration for men.

Are There Any Known Side Effects?

When it comes to side effects there are very few other than the occasional redness and irritation of the area that is being treated. There also could be other kinds of hair growth that is happening on the body. If there is any kind of reaction that seems allergic, it is important that the user is able to seek treatment from a doctor. Sometimes this will mean tightness in the chest, swelling, hives, and other issues. For this reason it is very important to make sure that you are seeing a doctor if you are displaying any of these characteristics.  Other side effects that users may experience also include fainting, shortness of breath as well as weight gain, swelling of the hands and feet and other issues. Sometimes as well there is a brief hair loss process that happens as well when a user is using this for the first time, this is referred to as shedding. It means that the old hair that is no longer good is falling out and is being replaced with clean and fresh growth. In addition to this there are also many chemicals in the medicine that may cause a brief dry out of your scalp, you may also see some dandruff from this process.

What Makes it Work?

What makes the hair growth work in not completely known? What is known for sure is that the blood vessels widen and this also allows for the potassium channels to open in the hair, this then allows for all of the nutrients to flow to the right places. What this also means is that with the thicker hair it is possible to see that the nutrients now get to the follicle. Before this, it was not possible and that meant that the hair was not growing. When the nutrients also get to the bottom it may cause for the follicles to shed a bit as they then are reactivating the hair.

It is very effective in people who have just started to experience hair loss and that means in people who are into the beginning stages of 5 years or less.

Why is Hair Loss a Big Deal?

Our hair is directly tied to our self-esteem, if you are a female that is even a larger deal because for women, their hair is considered to be their crowning glory, for this reason, when their hair falls out, it means that they are not as comfortable as they once were. For men, hair is also a sign of virility and sexual attractiveness for the opposite sex. For these reasons, it is very important for women as well as for men to have a full head of hair and to feel good about it. Without this many people feel very timid and do not want to go out. When it comes to looking and feeling good, a full head of hair is something that should not be underestimated.

Rogaine is something that is now for the first time being advertised in beauty magazines all over the world because it is something that allows us as people to feel better about the way we look and the way we dress. Women for many years and men have both suffered with hair loss, this is now the definitive solution that will work for most users and will guarantee that the person will feel better, as long as it is caught within 5 years of the initial sign of loss, there is no reason that the man or woman will not feel fabulous.

Having an issue with hair loss or balding can be crippling for many individuals and now it is possible to remove that stigma and ensure that all people have what they want and that is a great looking head of hair. As we are living in the technology age, there has never been a better time to make sure that we have the look and the feel that we want to have. When we have the resources and the ability, why would we deprive ourselves of what we want? When you are ready, pick up some Rogaine and you will be very excited by the results that you are able to get with 3-4 months, you will see a significant thickening of your hair and also of your confidence.

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