The Best Beard Trimmers of 2015

Shaving daily is a very intimidating task for various men. For the past years, you men use scissor in shaving their beard and that’s all it works. But now, different kinds of beard trimmers are being introduced in social media, to catch customers’ attention and buy the product. However, despite of the numerous beard trimmers that you can find in the market, you need to purchase one that will meet your shaving needs.

Beard trimmers are known as an electronic handheld device used to trim the beard of a man without using scissors. It has various settings and composed of numerous sets of ready metal blade with teeth. It comes with different styles and designs for customer purposes. If you are having difficulty looking for the best beard trimmer for you…


Our top list of the best beard trimmers of 2015 is:


Philips Norelco 5100.

Known as a beard trimmer with its integrated vacuum scheme. This vacuum cleaner catches most of men’s hair residue, making the shaving less messy and leaves the face and sink cleaner after trimming. What make Philips Norelco amazing are its dual sided blades. The blade’s wide side is good for trimming the thick parts of your beard, whereas the blade’s short side is great for tough to trim areas such as around your nose and mouth.


If we consider looks of this device it will surely get 5 out of 5 because it is designed with very appealing design that seems like a tattooed fish. Quality buyers are ready to pay any price for its killer look and surely you will also be fan of its amazing appearance.

Battery Life:

When it comes about battery life then no other product can beat its superior performance. You will feel like you not even need to charge your trimmer because it can serve you for approximately 10 hours after complete charging that will take almost 90 minutes.

Cutting quality:

The dual sided cutting technology of this trimmed again pitches this device on top position; its head is shaped in such a nice way that offers standard side for trimming as well as shaving. And if we go deeper to its cutting style that you will be amazed to know that it offers cutting of hairs in your desired dimensions.


Phillips offers in build cleaning feature where integrated vacuum collects all hairs after shaving so that you need not to spend time for clearing mess over sink or floor. Company has prepared easy to use and clean trimmer product to meet various requirements of users.

Tugging Issues:

You will never find time to complain about any issues related to tugging with this high quality trimmer because when you make selection for wheel to keep it in the middle portion of shaver, its blade comb will immediately lock that particular position so that tugging can be completely avoided.


One of the most amazing things about Norelco 5100 is its water resistant body that allows you to use it even with warm water. It will never demand repair like all other trimmers when they accidently fall into water and one more thing to note is that blades of this trimmer get automatically sharpen with regular usage. So this trimmer will not harm your budget for maintenance requirements as it can automatically manage all necessary things.


Braun Series 7.

This beard trimmer can be utilised both cordless and corded. The Braun 7 is water resistant therefore men can trim and clean their head by running it beneath warm water. Regardless of the plastic form, it is very durable and the sharpness of the blade is good.

Battery Life:

Battery of Broun 7 series product takes one hour for charging and it can work continuously for 40 minutes. You can work with its cordless as well as corded version.

Cutting Quality:

This product offers fine with its adjustable blade that can vary from 1mm to 11mm; you will find it good for adjustable shaving.

Ease of use:

For this device, switching of blades can still create a little pain to users and it also demands more maintenance. But one appreciable quality is its water proof design that allows you to trim with warm water.

Personalised Mode:

As every person has unique hair as well as skin and they have different sensitivity levels so it is always important to buy products after proper testing for particular skin type. You will be happy to hear that Broun 7-series offers adjustable shaving option with its personalisation modes; feel free to choose any setting out of extra sensitive, intensive and normal.

Cleaning and Charging:

The most tedious task after shaving with a simple trimmer is to clean it perfectly but with Broun 7-series you need not to spend time on cleaning task as it possesses automatic cleaning feature. It helps to enhance the life of blades and extends shaver durability up to great extend. One other option for quality cleaning is to apply alcohol solution to this trimmer as it is capable enough to kill almost 99.9% germs and also leaves a very pleasing lemon flavoured scent. As this trimmer is waterproof so you need not to worry about its cleaning.


Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion.

This comes with a dual shaver, detail blade, T-blade, trimmer blade, blade oil, cleaning brush, beard comb, a charger and more. It features one minute rapid charge if men are in a hurry. Wahl is popular for creating quality, solid and lasting products without the low-priced plastic feel.


This trimmer can be assigned 4 out of 5 for looks as most of people are happy with its unique design and easy to handle shape. It sleek design and attractive look allows this product to stand in top list of most preferred trimmer products.

Battery Life:

This device can serve you for quick needs with its five minute quick charge feature. And with simple one hour charging it can easily work for two hours without any trouble. It offers powerful operation with its lithium ion battery that can easily retains charge for longer time so that users can enjoy trouble free operation.

Cutting Quality:

Most of the users prefer to buy this trimmer just because of its rich cutting quality that can deliver very precise trim even for small hair. It can perfectly work for moustaches as well as beards with fine cutting feature.

Length settings:

One can adjust its blades as per need and level of hair cut; it comes with three guides and four different blade attachments. It can perfectly work for beard, moustache, ear, nose, hairline, sideburns, back of neck as well as for bikini area; Yes! It can be used by women too.

Build quality:

Users are satisfied with quality results of Wahl because it works with similar quality up to so many years and can be used for all lengths of hairs. All parts of this trimmer are assembled to provide satisfactory results and customer support team is also very interactive.


Panasonic Milano ER-GB40-S.

Do you have sensitive skin? Then Panasonic Milano is the right choice for you in beard trimming. This is one of the useful trimmers that any men can custom in the shower. Aside from that, it has Hypo-Allergenic blade that will make your skin free from irritation. Panasonic is pleasant to look at, great feel in the hand, very solid and durable. If men want to trim and get practical in the shower, able to wash off quickly your hair residue right after trimming, Panasonic Milano is the perfect tool for your beard trimming.


This device comes with elegant look that gives superior feeling to users with solid and durable body. You can carry this product easily from one location to other with durable and satisfactory operation.

Cutting performance: 

This beard trimmer comes with 19 different settings of length that varies between 1mm to 10 mm with a fine increase of .5mm; so users have better options to avail desired level of hair cutting as per length adjustment. These adjustable blades make shaving much easier task while eliminating risk of cuts over skin.

Battery Life:

Panasonic trimmer comes with Nickel Metal battery that can work for about 50 minute after one time charging. Presently this is only cordless trimmer available in market from Panasonic that can serve you with high durability. But one disadvantage is also added that if you never keep it properly charged then it may lead to some trouble in emergency hours.


Panasonic Milano trimmer is designed with hypo-allergic, rich quality precision cut type blades that are constructed using stainless steel material. It will avoid all allergic reactions and the precise alignment of teeth allows proper separation between cutting edges so that hairs can be removed with quality finish.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

This trimmer comes with washable design that assists users in easy cleaning without creating any mess in sink or on floor. You can easily rinse it under tap to avail fast cleaning. This feature also adds benefit in its easy maintenance and it will surely offer long life service with quality results and fine sharpness.


This feature is appreciated by most of users as it delivers adjustable cutting option for different skin types and different length of hairs. This trimmer can also be used as a wet as well as dry trimmer.


Remington MB4040.

The Remington is an exceptional beard trimmer, has very long lithium ion battery that lasts, three different separable heads, has the capacity to wash under water and all are designed for different occasions. Remington is very powerful, has titanium blades, washable and affordable that makes this beard trimmer predominantly perform great overall.

Length settings:

It offers nine variable length settings that can range from 1.5mm to 18 mm. You can set the movable wheel as per requirement at desired position to avail fine cuts.

Easy care:

This trimmer comes with washable parts as well as self sharpening type blades; its head also possess quick release option so that one can clean it within very less time. This feature also helps to improve life of blades as well as durability of trimmer.

Battery life:

MB4040 trimmer contains lithium ion battery that can work for 160 minutes easily after a full charge session. You can buy its cordless as well as with cord version depending upon requirement.

Multiple Applications:

This high quality beard trimmer device can be easily used for full body grooming, fades as well as haircuts. Its cordless design is very useful for such applications. This rechargeable piece can be operated without any trouble for various applications and its cordless version adds more benefit to frequent usage.

Build quality:

Remington offers high class construction with easy to use features; one can perfectly use this trimmer for various length requirements. It is made up of strength full materials that can serve up to years without any damage and can resist in all conditions with quality results.


Best Beard TrimmerSelecting and purchasing the best beard trimmers is not a shallow decision. There are things to be considered and acquired before obtaining one. Different products come in different styles and uses that’s why sometimes it is easy for you to find the perfect trimmer. The durability, power, the cut, tugging and ease of use are some of the components in choosing the perfect trimmer for your beard.


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